How do I support Maisha Kamili financially?

Use the above button to give to your MKK. You have the option to make a one-time gift or have your gift recur automatically every month. Remember to list your MKK's name(s) in the box provided for notes!

We have other expenses to cover as well, including salary, transportation expenses, filing fees for paperwork, and covering Community MKKs until they have sponsors. The button above is for giving to "Where Needed" via PayPal. It also gives you the option to make your gift recur automatically, and there is a box for notes if you want to designate your gift for a specific purpose.

You may also send checks to: Maisha Kamili, ATTN: Claire Wall, 1038 PR 2191, Giddings, TX 78942.

What does MKK stand for?
MKK is our nickname for "Maisha Kamili Kids," the children whom we are supporting. Currently, we are supporting Community MKKs, who live in the local community with family members, and Transitioning MKKs, who are over the age of 18 and need help with housing as well as school fees.

I am interested in supporting an MKK - what should I do?
Keep an eye on our Facebook page. We will post when we have more MKKs to be supported. You may also send us a message requesting to be added to our MKK "current opportunities" email update list. When you see an MKK you want to support, let us know!

Should we send clothes, books, school supplies, and other necessities or is it better to donate money so that Maisha Kamili can buy these things in Kenya?
Clothes and school supplies (etc) are cheaper in Kenya than the US, plus there would be no shipping expense, so we prefer monetary donations designated for these things, simply because we feel it's better stewardship. We have necessities worked in to the budget for each child’s estimated monthly support as well.

When will the children be in school and when are their breaks?
The Kenyan school-year runs January through November, in three terms. The first term is January through the first week of April, followed by 3 weeks off. Second term is the first week of May through the first week of August, followed by another 3 weeks off. Third term is the first week of September through the last week of November. They have the full month of December off for Christmas.

Are students required to wear uniforms for school?
They do have uniforms for school, which the MKKs' relatives buy from a uniform shop.

Will Maisha Kamili kids benefit from Operation Christmas Child?
Once these children are in the care of Maisha Kamili, they don't need anything like OCC. Hygiene items and school supplies are provided through the regular monthly support for the kids. Supporters are encouraged to send Christmas gifts personally to the children they are sponsoring.