the dream

The proposal we wrote is 10 pages long. It goes into some detail, which is subject to change, but all will come together in the end. Here is a summary:

To provide a safe home, nutritious food, medical treatment, solid education, Biblical teachings, and love

To give street kids in Mombasa, Kenya, hope for the future through a relationship with Christ

Core Values
  • Build relationships
  • Minister to needs
  • Be accountable as good stewards
  • Provide excellent care

An estimated 250,000-300,000 children are living in the streets in Kenya. They are malnourished, uneducated, often ill, and ignored by society. It is our deep and God-given desire to move to Kenya and establish a home for some of the many orphans. We will provide a safe place to live, healthy food, clothes, access to medical care, access to education and vocational training, and, most importantly, spiritual care and love. We want to minister to every aspect of the children’s lives (i.e. their full life) so that they may live the abundant, full life that Jesus offers.

We are willing and ready to go, but we need to be sent. We believe we should be sent by a church and have a core group of partners who will remain here in Texas while we go to Kenya. These partners would be committed to doing one or more of the following:
  • Serving as prayer partners for:
    • Our family
    • Full Life as a whole
    • Each individual staff member we hire
    • Each child we bring into the home
  • Giving financial support to:
    • Startup costs
    • Day-to-day operating expenses
    • Each child
  • Advocating for us, holding us accountable, and seeking God with us as decisions are made regarding the orphanage and the children themselves
  • Joining us on site for short- (1 to 2 weeks) or long- (10 weeks to 2 years or more) term projects