street kid stats

An estimated 250,000-300,000 children are living in the streets in Kenya.

Many are born in the streets.

They have been orphaned or neglected or abused by their parents and have no family members who can take them in. It is assumed that orphans are cared for by aunts, uncles, or grandparents.

They are not receiving healthcare, though some of them have HIV, malaria, or other serious illnesses.

Emotional distress and psychiatric problems are three times more common among street kids than adolescents who have homes.

They have no access to education. They need to work, are discriminated against, and can’t afford school.

Street kids often have no ID and no birth certificate. They are considered “social drop-outs.”

They are illiterate and have no skills. They cannot find jobs, even though child labor is widespread. 26% of all Kenyan children age 5-14 (including those with parents and homes) work.