progressing toward the dream

We (those currently involved in spreading the word and supporting Full Life) have made some steps of progress. Here's what has happened:

  • We (Rodgers and I) delivered our proposal document to the missions committee at our church
  • The missions committee (MC) read and discussed it, then invited us to meet with them so we could answer their questions
  • The MC decided to support Full Life Ministries (as we are calling it in English, let's say FLM)
  • The MC took the proposal through the appropriate channels, and the church opened a fund for FLM (support of FLM will come to us in Kenya via our church, as they are our sending agency)
  • Our church body started hearing more and more about this mysterious Kenya full-time missions something that Rodgers and I want to do
  • I spoke at a ladies luncheon, very briefly describing the need and what we intend to do
  • Many people have verbally indicated that they want to support FLM, mostly in the form of "adopting" an orphan (not legally adopting, but supporting that orphan financially, prayerfully, relationally)
  • Some friends from other cities have also taken the proposal to their churches because they also want to support FLM
In the works:
  • Rodgers and I will be sharing in the morning worship service at our church on May 15, in greater detail (If you are in central Texas and want to come [and you don't know where our church is located], email us for directions.)
  • We will be working with the missions committee and our pastor to prayerfully put together what we're calling our core team
  • If you know us personally or read our personal blog, you know this already, but if you only know us through this blog, here's an announcement: we're having another baby! It's a boy, due Sept 21.