last week

Full life has had an exciting week!

Last Sunday morning, we shared our vision with our home church here in Texas. I (Rachel) gave an overview of the details -> what we want to do and what opportunities exist for people to join the ministry with us. Then Rodgers preached on Matthew 25 and challenged our church to do something for "the least of these." Afterwards, our pastor provided an opportunity for the church to affirm us. It was overwhelmingly awesome and such an incredible blessing. People prayed over us, hugged us, and told us how they wanted to help. We were surprised by the support, though maybe we should have expected it.

Monday we shared a booth with a team from our church which is going to South America this summer at an associational meeting about missions projects.

Throughout the week, we have met people who just happen to have a desire to work with orphans in some way. We have had more and more people expressing interest in being involved. My current task is to post a commitment form online and get some printed up so that we can keep a record of these! We have always believed that God is calling others to join this ministry, but we never expected the way this is coming about.