details, details, details...

It's easy to have a dream and a "big picture" vision. However, in order for the dream to come true, there are lots of baby steps and lots of details to be worked out. This past month, there have been many phone calls, discussions, internet searches, reading, reading, reading, and working out of these steps.

When we first started making these plans, Rodgers and I wrote a 10 page project proposal, which was also our main information resource. Since then, lots of details have changed. Rather than rewrite or update the proposal, we have developed an information packet. It can be found online, in pdf format, on Memorial Baptist Church's website [clicky]. Most of the details will also be found on pages of this blog, once I copy and paste them in a few minutes.

We have also developed a commitment form. We have been spreading the word about this ministry, letting people know what our dreams are. Now, we are asking that you would consider how God may be specifically calling you to join in this ministry. The commitment form is on the last page of the info packet, and it is also available as a fillable pdf form here. If you make a commitment to join Maisha Kamili/Full Life Ministries, we will be counting on you to follow through.

We'll be forming a non-profit organization. So far, we have 4 board members. They are excited, experienced, and invested in this ministry. An orphanage in Kenya was not their dream, but they have all known Rodgers and me for years (or decades...) and have known about our dream longer than most. And, they have taken the dream on as their own.

June 12, we spoke at Zion Covenant Fellowship's Sunday morning worship. We had lunch with most of them afterwards. The combination of formal presentation and hanging out chatting was a great way to share our vision. We have had more people making contacts at their churches to see about arranging for us to come speak, but so far we don't have anything else on the calendar. This is the step we are working on now: sharing our vision with more people and inviting them to join in.