non profit registration

Maisha Kamili has been registered in the State of Texas as a non-profit organization. This means we can now file with the IRS to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit for tax purposes. Regardless of when that paperwork is complete (it will take some months), contributions to Maisha Kamili will be tax deductible starting two weeks ago. We have been relying on our church to take contributions for us, but now we are able to stand on our own!

Besides that big development, Rodgers and I have been speaking in churches to bring more people on board our mission.

First Baptist Church of La Grange, Texas, blessed us with an immediate outpouring of support. We shared with their pastor and missions committee first, then the whole congregation on a Sunday morning. After our initial meeting, they told us, "This is how we're going to support you," and they are coming through on that. It seemed that they wanted to do more, and will in the future, but we are very encouraged that they are excited and supportive enough to do what they can right away.

Our schedule after Christmas is open. Is your church interested in Maisha Kamili? Send us an email or message on Facebook so that we can schedule to come share our vision with your church!