we're going to Kenya!

As long as we're here in the US, no work can be started. However, we can't go to Kenya until we have enough money raised to relocate, get set up, and pay the bills for a few months. This is why we haven't left yet.

We have big news: we have met our initial fundraising goal! Do you know what that means? We have enough money now that we can move to Kenya and start doing something.

We are flying out on February 29. It will take us 23 hours to get to Mombasa, and that is the shortest this trip has ever been. It will be the first time we make the trip with two kids.

The month of February, we will be in a different church every week, sharing our vision. Rodgers will continue working at his job here, as long as we don't have something else to do - we do have some weekday speaking engagements. We are planning packing, test packing, and actually packing. Moving a whole family via airplane rather than moving van requires creativity. We are not shipping any of our stuff over there; we're just taking what we can take on the plane with us. We have a good checked bag allowance, and we'll pay for extra if we need to.

I probably won't be writing another update before we leave. Our home church will have a commissioning service and farewell reception for us on Feb 26. Everyone is invited to come see us off! Contact us by email or on FB for details and/or directions.