Tiffany & Mpate

Tiffany and Mpate are twins who have been orphans since they were 14. They have older siblings who were able to help them finish high school, which as you know, is not free in Kenya.
Rodgers met with them and their older sister to assess what needs they may have and determine how Maisha Kamili can help these almost grown-up orphans.

As he was talking with them, Rodgers began asking spiritual questions and they both decided to give their lives to Christ! Their sister is already a member at Revival Baptist Church, which is also where we are members. Tiffany said that she didn't think she could go to church because she didn't own a single skirt. We resolved that issue, and now they are regular attenders at RBC, too. 

As for their earthly needs:

Mpate trained as a baker and has worked in bakeries for short periods of time. He specializes in cake making (how exciting!). He can't get a permanent job because he needs a post high school certificate. It's a two week course which costs $120. The cooking school courses run throughout the year. 

Tiffany wants to be a teacher. Primary school teachers in Kenya have to go through a 16 month course at teacher training college. In Kenya, we don't have semesters of school, but rather three terms per  year. The school years runs Jan to Dec. Teacher training college is four terms, Sept through Dec of the following year. The total cost, including uniforms, room, and board, is $1130, or about $70/month.

With the help, support, and commitments of our partners in the US, Maisha Kamili is thrilled to be able to send these two to school! Praise the Lord for his provision and loving care of these two young people.

We are praying that Tiffany and Mpate will:
  • continue to seek God.
  • become true disciples of Christ.
  • be able to find solid employment once they finish their courses.