our visit in Nyahururu

Our friend Joel runs Hope and Victory Christian Ministries in Nyahururu, Kenya. We met through a mutual friend in Texas. Joel came to Mombasa for a little vacation a couple of months ago. We met him in person here and made plans for us to travel to Nyahururu.

Joel has unique insight because he has been running a children's home for years and is also on the national board for registration of children's homes.

There are several pieces that make up Hope and Victory: an orphanage, a church, and a school. Joel's own (adult) children are helping him run things.

His daughter gave us her honest review of what it's like running a school in this country. They have their orphans plus are open to kids from the community, who pay tuition. She told us what is important to her, the kids, and the staff, in their unique situation.

His son is managing the children's home. He took us through the CCI (Charitable Children's Institution) registration, inspection, paperwork, and showed us their files. This was very insightful. Seeing real-life examples of the paperwork gives us a better idea of what we'll have to do.

We saw the set up of the orphanage, how the kids sleep, where they keep their things, how they feed the kids, the vegetable garden and green house, the rabbits the kids raise, and the milk cows. We saw things we'd like to incorporate into Maisha Kamili and things we'd like to do differently.

All in all, it was a very useful visit.