the Chomes (and more)

As we get ready for Christmas (and our trip to TX right after), we have added six MKKs. If you recall, we had seven at Thanksgiving. Our numbers have nearly doubled!

First, we have Emmanuel. His story is on our Facebook page, in the MKK photo album. [click here]

Then there are the Chome boys.

Japhet (JAH-fet) will be in Form IV (high school senior) in Januray. Sifa (SEE-fah) is going into Standard 7 (7th grade). Shukurani (Shoo-koo-RAH-nee) will be in Standard 6. And Lemmy (LEH-mee )will be in Standard 1.

Japhet, the eldest, is 18 years old. He heard about us through a mutual friend and wrote us a letter, asking us to help them out. Their parents are both dead, and they live with their elderly grandmother, out in the country. She has no income, so they are in school when they find some money for it, and out of school when there is no money. We received the letter on Monday. Rodgers arranged to meet the four kids and their grandmother on Thursday.

To get to their house, there is a long dirt road. You park at the primary school and walk about a mile to their house. Thursday morning, Japhet went out with a machete and cut back the brush, clearing a road from the primary school to their house so that Rodgers could drive all the way there. The lengths this kid is going to ensure that his brothers get their education is amazing!

He had also written out the needs of each of them to pay the schools what they owe from 2012, so that they can start school in January, and also everything they will need for the 2013 school year. I don't have estimates for their ongoing support yet. It is coming. I just couldn't wait any longer to introduce them!

They came to Mombasa today (brought by our friend) to get their uniforms. We have also paid up their accounts with the schools so that they can start their next grade in January.

While Rodgers was getting these details from the Chomes, their aunt came over. She lives there near the grandmother. Her husband has AIDS and is, they believe, on his deathbed. She pleaded with Rodgers to find a way to keep her first born in school. Linnet (pronounced LEE-net) Salama, 17 years old, is starting Form III in January. Of her fees for Form II, they were only able to pay a few dollars. To pay their debt from last year, plus this year and next (when she graduates), she will need $60/month from January 2013 through December 2014. This is a 2 year commitment.