moving to Kilifi

We are getting ready to move to Kilifi. Our family is moving, and Maisha Kamili comes with us.

We have 21 MKKs today. Over half of them are either in or near Kilifi. We also have contacts within some schools in Kilifi who have given us leads for new MKKs. Our non-children's home resident MKK ministry will continue even after we have built homes, even after our current non-resident MKKs have finished school. In other words, we will continue to find and support orphans anywhere in coastal Kenya, who live with family but need help with school fees. What we've learned since we launched this branch of the ministry last July is that this is a very big need. It's a need we had not anticipated. And it's a need which God is fulfilling through Maisha Kamili. And all of our MKK sponsors, general financial supporters, and prayer warriors are included when I say "Maisha Kamili."

Looking at USAID's website, I found some stats and am comparing Mombasa County [pdf link] with Kilifi County [pdf link]. The population density of Mombasa County is 48 times the population density of Kilifi County (over 4,000 people per square km in Mombasa County compared to only 88 in Kilifi County). It's no wonder we've been able to find more affordable land near Kilifi than near Mombasa. We've been focusing our land search on the Kilifi area since last May or June, and we are still headed in that direction. Living in Kilifi will put us closer to the land we buy and allow Rodgers to oversee the building process without having to commute so far.

Our next home, in Kilifi
Though we live in a suburb right now, it is not like what you think of as suburban in the US. We still feel like we live in a big city. We are looking forward to getting out of the city. Here, we only have windows on the front and back of our house. We can't have side windows because the houses are too close together, sometimes the wall of one house is right against the wall of the next house. Our house in Kilifi has windows on all 4 sides. There is space between our house and our neighbor!

We have a real dining room in our new house, which means we have to buy a dining table and chairs, and we'll start having family dinners at the table. Imagine! We will have a generous guest bedroom for all of you who are planning to come visit us. We will also have plenty of space to set up the Maisha Kamili office in the house until the time comes to build an office on Maisha Kamili land. Yes, we are looking forward to this!