private high school for 2014

As I've discussed before, we would much prefer to have our MKKs in private schools. We have 3 high schoolers graduating this year (Beatrice, Pauline, and Japhet). We have 3 who are in Form 3 (John, Linnet, and Evans). It's not impossible to transfer them to a private school, but transferring is generally discouraged at this point in their education. We have no kids in Form 2, but 2 in Form 1 (Kenneth and Ronica) and 2 in Standard 8 (Jessica and Baraka). We will try to get these 4 into a private high school.

The school we are looking at is Mombasa Baptist High School. They are associated with the Baptist Convention of Kenya and Kenya Baptist Mission. Rodgers graduated from Mombasa Baptist almost 20 years ago. With our kids in this private boarding school:

  • their families will have fewer mouths to feed,
  • the kids will be in a better environment for learning (many of our kids who are living with extended family are required to do the bulk of chores at home because they are orphans, and therefore their studies suffer),
  • classes will not be interrupted by teachers' strikes,
  • the MKKs will receive a better quality education, and
  • we can be sure that our MKKs are being taught the Bible.

However, it does come at a price, literally. Compared to the public schools we have MKKs attending, the fees at Mombasa Baptist will be double. Is it worth it? For a solid education, we think so. We want to give these kids the best start we can.

A good education doesn't guarantee a better future, but a poor education is certainly a hindrance.