pray in faith

Being a new ministry, we don't have many "full circle" stories: i.e. this is where a kid was when we started sponsorship, this is how they progressed, and this is where we left them standing on their own two feet. Here's one.

Towards the end of 2012, Rodgers was teaching MasterLife - the first discipleship group we were involved with here. One of the weeks of study focuses on what it means to pray in faith. 

As they discussed this, a young man told Rodgers, "I have been praying in faith about something..." He went on to explain how he was struggling in his college course because he couldn't pay the fees, his widowed mother couldn't help, and other relatives who wanted to help just couldn't stay on top of things. 

We prayed in faith with him. Maisha Kamili paid the school so that he could keep studying, knowing full well that we didn't have the money in our budget to continue paying his school fees without a sponsor, and we left for our first trip back to the US. We talked about the 7 sponsored and 6 not-yet-sponsored MKKs every chance we got, and a lovely family in Texas committed to sponsoring him! (Actually, we returned to Kenya with all of the MKKs sponsored.) His prayers were answered - he never again had problems at school for inability to pay.

In December 2014, he graduated, and in January, he started his first job with his new credentials!

Through this ministry, which includes far more participants than those of us who physically live in this country, God proved his love and care for this MKK by answering his prayers. Now, God has also given him a job, where he can work as unto the Lord, all for God's glory.