2019 in Review

2019: MKKs and waiting

2019 in Review

God Changes Lives

"Life was tough growing up. But one day everything changed." John (an MKK college graduate) was sharing at our Christmas party.

"I went to a very small high school in Malindi. I had so much to do at home that I never had time to study in the evenings. My principal gave me a classroom at school to stay in and a mattress to sleep on. If I ate supper, it was only because I had saved a little bit from the lunch served at school."

He described Rodgers going to visit his school for the first time. Rodgers had never been there before. There's not a direct route from the highway, unless you're on foot. Rodgers stopped for directions a dozen times, drove around in circles, and finally made it there.

John said, "My principal came and told me, 'Your brother is here.' I thought, None of my brothers would ever come here. So I asked which one, and she told me it was Rodgers."

After learning about John's situation, Rodgers told him, "If you're suffering, I'm suffering." At the Christmas party, John told all of the current MKKs, "From that day, my life changed."

Today, John is waiting for his internship to complete his medical training, but in the meantime, he is helping out in the vicinity of his rural home. He feels a responsibility to his community.

God changes lives by providing for needs. He changes lives through relationships. He changes lives by letting us know that someone cares, and we are not alone.

MKKs more and more

This was our biggest year for MKKs. As we awaited funding for drilling more water wells, and as our discipleship classes were on hold, we focused mostly on our students. We had 5 in primary school, 21 in high school, and 6 in college.

We had 2 college graduates: John, who shared with us above, and Linnet, who I talked more about in a previous update.

Though we normally aim to sponsor 30 young people in school, 2020 has the potential for 40, depending on whether or not our high school graduates (there were 5!) start college.


Master Life was on hold this year, first awaiting books that were never printed, then waiting for better timing for the church. We welcomed a team from Memorial Baptist Church for a 2-day seminar on Experiencing God and The Meaning of Marriage. Participants were asking for more before we even finished.

In December, we received a box full of Master Life book 4. We have our 2 original classes from Kilifi that need to finish Master Life. Also, the classes that they started in the meantime have completed book 3 and will join us in book 4.

Skills for Life

We consulted with many who need wells in their communities. Our intent was for them to buy the consumable supplies, while we supply the labor and drill for their wells. However, we finally had to admit that it was unlikely to work that way, and we started spreading the word that we need to fully fund the wells in order to get water into these communities.

Each one will cost approximately $3,500. To date, we have received $10,000 toward drilling wells - almost enough for 3 wells! This is a project for the dry season, which is fast approaching.

Pray with us that...

  • those who started Master Life with us will finish with enthusiasm and live as disciple makers.
  • drilling projects to lead people to Living Water as well as providing physical water that is necessary for life.

Thank God with us for...

  • abundant provision for needs (ours and those of many others).
  • the opportunity to join his work in the lives of 32 MKKs in 2019, 40 in 2020, 20 new disciples, and 3 rural communities.