Opportunities for 2020

2020 term 1 update

How you can join in this year:

  1. As always, we are sponsoring MKKs (Maisha Kamili Kids), who are orphans or vulnerable children (and young adults) who live with their relatives. The relatives continue raising the children, and we provide financial assistance with school fees.
  2. Last year, our drilling team was mostly occupied with repairing the existing borehole. This year, they are starting to drill new boreholes!
  3. We will have camp for the sponsored high school students again this year.
  4. Pray for us every time we come to mind! We need it!
  5. Spread the word about what God is doing in Kilifi County, Kenya! Share with your Bible study group, home group, Sunday School class, BFFs, anyone.


The uniform shops and book stores were packed with people getting their kids ready to go back to school. You would have a hard time getting a bus to go anywhere at the beginning of January, as all of the high school students were traveling back to boarding school. But this week, they are home for half term break.

In Kenya, the school year starts in January, and there are 3 terms. This year, they have scheduled 38 weeks of school. The kids will be on break for 3 weeks in April and 3 weeks in August. October 30 is the last day of school for the year.

We have many new MKKs this year (8!), and we have several MKKs from last year who don't have specific sponsors. Though we had a hard time paying the school fees in term 2 in 2019, we were able to pay off all of the accounts for the year in August. A commitment of $50 per month (less at some schools) will cover a year of school fees. See all of the new MKKs below:

Skills for Life (Borehole Drilling)

We have begun drilling another borehole! This is our second one. Working a schedule of 3 days per week, the team is going into their fourth week of drilling. There have been many challenges, but morale is high, and they are hopeful that they will make good progress this week.

We have received donations to cover (almost) 3 boreholes. Each one will cost approximately $3,500.


Once again, we are looking forward to MKK Camp! April will be here soon, and we will spend a few days with our 20+ high school students, studying God's word and having fun. We are estimating a cost of $40 per student for camp this year, which includes materials, 2 nights in a resort, and all of their meals and snacks.

Pray with us that...

  • the drilling team makes progress and the community will bear witness to what God can do.
  • the MKKs will learn what it means to work out their own salvation.

Thank God with us for...

  • providing the means for rural communities to have better access to water.
  • bringing so many new MKKs to us this year.