Basi Primary School

You may remember that while we were in the process of the Chome boys' needs assessment (more about them here and here), we met Linnet's family. At first, her mom just wanted help for her, but later we decided to sponsor all of her kids. Linnet is the eldest. The two sisters just younger than her live here in Kilifi with an aunt and go to Basi Primary School.

When Rodgers went to Basi to find out about paying for these girls' school fees, they were a bit surprised. Though these girls owed a debt to to the school and hadn't paid their fees for the current term, the school didn't consider them most in need. They have A List.

Actually, Basi has a few lists. One is the list of both partial and total orphans enrolled in the school. A partial orphan has one parent living. It is usually the mother, and she is usually unable to support her family on her own. There are 122 partial and total orphans enrolled at Basi Primary School. There is another list of children from needy families. They may have trouble affording school, but both of their parents are living. Basi also has a list of total orphans who do not have sponsors. The total orphans, naturally, are most in need.

After moving to Kilifi, given our very convenient proximity to Basi and their obvious concern for their students, Rodgers and I felt that Maisha Kamili should adopt Basi Primary School, to take care of the total orphans who still need a sponsor. They have done most of the legwork for us. They know the kids' histories. They know what the needs are. We have the connections to find sponsors.

We have already taken 2 off their list, Gift and Tumaini. We have 5 more in the works. The list of total orphans who need sponsorship is down to 10. We'll get to them next!