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The look of MaishaKamili.org has changed a bit, but everything you need is still here!

Listed at the top of the homepage are the pages describing the work we do and how you can get involved.

Ministries describes 3 aspects of our ministry, with links to more details about: discipleship, Community MKKs, and Transitioning MKKs.

Pray is a list of all of our posts about prayer requests and praying for missions in general.

Tools is a list of printable pdfs for information and Bible study, as well as multimedia tools for use in promoting Maisha Kamili.

To the right are links to our social media sites. Facebook is updated most often. The Updates Archive is now found in this section (the Mail Chimp icon).

You can also give quickly and easily via the PayPal.me link in the sidebar. For more giving options, visit the get involved page, which hasn't moved.